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Metal Roof Discount : Install Anytime Program

1st Choice Home Solutions Inc. has created a Metal Roof Discount for customers who are willing to wait longer to have their metal roof installed. If the homeowner agrees to wait, an additional discount will be provided to ensure the homeowner can take advantage of special pricing/discounts during our slower months of the year.

The homeowner will agree to the following conditions for the Metal Roof Discount:

  1. The installation schedule will be solely at the discretion of 1st Choice Home Solutions Inc., however, will be completed within 4 months of the contract date.
  2. The down payment at the signing of the contract will be 30% of the total sale.
  3. All projects must be under contract and then approved by the President.
  4. By agreeing to the above terms, the homeowner may receive an additional discount noted on the contract and/or Investment Proposal.

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