2018 - Year in Review

2018 has been a year of growth, learning and new opportunities. At the start of the year 1st Choice Home Solutions hired a new staff employee, Les Gero. He has many years experience in the construction sector and offers knowledge and an contagious laugh to the team. Les has been working hard to learn the office aspect of his job but has come a long way and has worked very hard, we are happy to have him apart of the team. Our accounting manager, Patricia Warriner, went on maternity leave to have a beautiful baby girl. We are so happy to have another mini staff member to add to the team! While Patricia was away we hired Leesa to take over, she always brings a smile a positive attitude when she comes in. It has been wonderful to have Leesa a part of the team.

1st Choice Home Solutions also added 3 new vehicles to the fleet, so make sure to wave or say hi if you see on of our vehicles out on the road! Our office has not had any new additions for displays however we are planning to incorporate a steel roof display in 2019.

We have been chosen as one of the top three roofing companies in london ontario again this year, and are very proud of the honour. We have been the top three roofing company since the end of 2016 and hope to hold this position for years to come. We were also nominated for the 2018 Top choice Award but unfortunately did not win. We have been nominated again for 2019 and hope to come out on top! We were also nominated as the top business by London Chambers of Commerce for the second year and will find out the results early 2019.

This year the 1st Choice team sat down and came up with a plan to give back to our customers even more. We have two new customer programs; loyalty and referral.

The new Loyalty program has customers getting a 5% discount up to a maximum of $500 in one year for repeat business within 2 years & a 4% discount up to a maximum of $250 in one year
for repeat business within 5 years. If customers sign up for our newsletter they get an additional 1% discount up to an additional maximum of $100 in one year for repeat business within 5 years.

The new Referral program gives customers a 1% return up to a maximum of $100 for 1 to 2 successful referrals within 2 years & a 1% return up to a maximum of $75 for 3 or more successful referrals within 5 years. The bonus can be in the form of gift card, gift certificate, or credits toward future projects.

We hope customers are happy with the new programs and are able to get some money back for future work for them-self or their friends, family & coworkers.

We did not get a chance to have a team build day for 2018 but have planned to have on in Feb 2019 with the staff. We will be helping with 2 new habitat homes that we also donated two roofs for in 2018.

We also had another successful year with toys for tots, and collected 15 toys from the office staff! We do love collecting the gifts for the children in london, ontario and hope to stay connected to toys for tots in the coming years.

2018 was also our first year in the Santa Claus Parade! Tanya and her husband and 2 boys came to help along with Stephen and his wife and their dog sadie. Samantha also came with her daughter and gave out suckers to all the children. We had such an amazing time we decided to do it every year! We already have some big plans for 2019!

We have some fun ideas for 2019 and can't wait to get out in the community and meet more of our customers! Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year, we truly cannot do any of this without you. Have a fun and happy 2019!


Official Nominee for 2018 Top Choice Awards, Gold Emblem