4 Myths About Vinyl Siding Debunked


Vinyl Siding Installation is popular in homes, but some people are hesitant to have vinyl siding installed because of some misconceptions. 1st Choice Home Solutions debunks myths about vinyl siding and how it can actually improve your home's curb appeal, value, and energy efficiency.

Myth 1 - Vinyl Siding Is Ugly

Back in the 1950's when vinyl siding was just introduced, most people thought that it was a cheaper siding option and boring to look at. It was not a popular choice for historic renovations. However, due to technological advancements, you can now choose from a wide array of colors and custom finish. These colors are also fade-resistant even if exposed to harsh sunlight for years. Recent trends for darker siding colours are a great match for contemporary and historic homes.

Myth 2 - Vinyl Siding Is Cheaply Made

Vinyl’s lightweight feature may indicate less durability. However, this type of siding is not only resistant to wind but also to heat, moisture, and cold.

Myth 3 - Vinyl Siding Is Bad for the Environment

It has been said that the manufacturing process of vinyl siding harms that environment. Some may also say that this type is not recyclable.

Excess vinyl siding can be melted andre-integrated into the manufacturering process for other vinyl produts. Because vinyl siding has a longer life than other types of siding there's less pollution and waste over the lifecycle of the home. Construction projects made with products built for longevity mean less garbage in our landfills. In addition, the amount of harmful gases that is emitted during the manufacturing process is no more than 1% of the total amount that enters the environment per year.

Myth 4 - Vinyl Siding Isn't Energy-Efficient

It was believed that vinyl siding does not help lessen energy consumption. Nowadays, there are several energy-efficient vinyl siding options on the market. There are also insulated vinyl siding products that can further save you money on electric bills.

We offer the top siding products from the market: Mitten and Kaycan. Your personal style and budget are always prioritized and can be found in the dozens of styles and colours available. Proper installation is ensured because we follow strict manufacturer procedures and standards and have our on-site project manager double check the crews work. Your final inspection also reviews the crews work. This two step system ensures any errors are caught and fixed before they cause problems.