4 Ways to Lose Money Due to your Windows

There are four ways that heat escapes through your windows which will drive your energy bill up, costing you more money.

  1. Conduction: All around your windows heat can directly transfer from your home to the outside of your home.
  2. Convection: The warm air on the inside of your home will hit your cold window that sucks the heat away, and fall to the floor, creating a draft.
  3. Radiation: The infrared heat from the sun hits the outside of your window and transfers energy through the glass.
  4. Air Leakage: Heat escapes from the inside of your home through cracks around your weather stripping.

There are different ways to save money a when it comes to your windows. You will need to inspect your windows. Make sure there aren't any rotting wood, broken parts, missing insulation or caulking.

If you can’t repair or make them energy efficient, it would be time to install a new Window. There are many different options when choosing a window. There are different types of Glass you could choose. 1st Choice Home Solutions offers 5 different types;

  1. Low E: Stands for Low-Emissivity. An extremely thin film coating is applied on top of the glass. The coating will reflect radiant infrared energy, which means the radiation cannot get through while letting the sunlight your room. It will also stop any drafts caused by convection, as the heat is reflected back into the room off of the window.
  2. Obscure: Glass that allows light to come through but does not allow a view. Frosted glass is more commonly used but ground glass and translucent glass is also an option.
  3. Glue Chip: A textured glass surface that is created by a chipping controlled action of a certain type of glue. It will allow sunlight to come through but be distorted.
  4. Rain Glass: A textured glass surface that gives the look of water running downwards. A small amount of sunlight will come through. Mainly used for bathrooms.
  5. Triple: 3 panes of glass that will reduce noise while maintaining energy efficiency, and get rid of any cold spots.


There is also an option for a “Foam Fill” which doesn’t allow air to circulate the frame unlike the hollow windows, which are not filled with anything. Foam improves a frame’s structural strength and improves performance for vinyl and fiberglass frames. It will also help with any outside noises as it acts as an enhanced sound insulation.

If you are unsure which style is right for you, give us a call 519-268-6331 and we will have our reps go over your best options.