5 Reasons your Roof is Leaking

As one of the trusted Roof Contractor in London Ontario, we are able to provide the 5 reasons your roof is leaking.

  1. FLASHING: Flashing is done to create a water-resistant barrier by using thin metal pieces that are installed under the shingles and around the joints of the roof. When flashing is left exposed wind and rain can cause damage that causes cracks.
  2. CONDENSATION IN THE ATTIC: The Attic is trapped between the indoor and outdoor temperatures and is the uppermost part of your home, and when heat and cold air combine, condensation and moisture will occur.
  3. VALLEYS AREN'T PROPERLY SEALED: The area on your home where two planes of roof join, usually sloped. Rain or melting snow can get inside due to the fact that the sealing may not have been done correctly or after time it has eroded.
  4. ICE DAM BUILD UP: The heat from the attic becomes too warm, the snow will start to melt than run off and will re-freeze once it hits the roof edge. The weight of the ice can damage the roof, as well as the water collecting on the surface of the roof.
  5. SKYLIGHTS WEREN'T INSTALLED PROPERLY: The skylights were either improperly measured and fitted during installation or the insulation decayed along the skylights edges.

If you experience any of the 5 reasons your roof is leaking, then it may be time to re-roof. Another option is to have metal installed on top of the shingles.

If you would like a free inspection and a quote for metal vs. shingle, contact us as 519-268-6331 and  we will help you determine the cause of the leak and the best action to take.