5 Essential Questions for Choosing a Patio Door

Who doesn't love the light streaming in their patio door no matter the season? In the winter it's a frame to a world of minimalist blacks, grays and whites. In the summer your garden door frames a private green oasis.

What Design Works Best for My Space?

Our patio doors come in sliding sets, hinged which can swing both in and out and bi-parting or french doors featuring two doors opening from the centre.

Do you have a smaller patio or balcony? Sliding options work great on homes with small backyards and patio areas like condominiums. French doors offer luxury and a large unobstructed view.

How do I Need to Consider Accessibility?

Do you or someone in your home use mobility assistance devices like a wheelchair, walker or cane? Talk to one of our sales reps about ensuring a smooth and even door frame to avoid tripping hazards.

Do I like simple or ornate glass design?

Depending on the style of your home you can choose between decorative and elegant or simple glass designs.  With Novatech patio door designs you can go Contemporary with tempered clear doorglass or Timeless with sparkle glass or etched glass.  Energy-efficient glass can help screen out harmful UV rays and reduce thermal emittance or heat transfer between the air inside your home and the exterior.

What Security Features Will Make Me Feel Safe?

To keep your home safe, 1st Choice Home Solutions offers the Weiser line of door hardware. Weiser are experts in their field and have been in business for over 100 years.

For a patio door, a two Position Kick lock can be mounted on the bottom of the door and used as a secondary lock. A Guardian Lock mounts on the top of the door and uses a security bolt that locks into the frame. A Folding Security Bar offers an extra layer of security and can be mounted on the fixed side of the patio door frame and swing down to prevent the door from opening.

How active is my Home?

Doors are used multiple times a day. They can get grabbed the wind, slammed and need to be durable to stand up to daily life and use. Warranties can cover the Frame, Exterior Paint, Glass and Hardware. 1st Choice Home Solutions' exclusive 10-year Workmanship Warranty means if there's ever a problem due to installer defect on your patio door you're covered.

Let 1st Choice Home Solutions help you give your home the best. Check out our gallery of patio door sets and work with the best patio installers in London. Our workmanship is guaranteed to be done right and error free.

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