Enhance Your Curb Appeal

In our last article, we discussed the purpose of your home, colour combination and materials and textures. In Part 2 we will discuss the other important aspects to enhance your homes curb appeal.

Steel HomeChoosing the right roof can be the most difficult part of exterior home renovations. You will want to choose a durable roof that will last.

Situated between Lake Huron and Lake Erie, our area experiences heavy weather patterns in all seasons. Durable materials such as steel and metal are ideal to stand up to snow accumulation, ice and wind storms.

Colour and style are key factors when choosing a roof. Selecting something that can work with multiple colours and changing tastes will ensure your home retains its beauty for years to come.

Large WindowsWindows are the main source of sunlight for your home. You can choose from a variety of styles depending on desired amount of air flow. A Skylight lets light in from a unique angle and can add brightness to areas that otherwise wouldn't be sun facing. Large windows are great for minimalist tastes to bring the outside in.

Your entry way is the part of your home that draws the eye from guests and passerby. It's the gateway you step through to truly arrive at home and the feeling it invokes can be comforting and warm or cool and contemporary. To keep a door complementary to siding choose a door a few shades lighter or darker. For a pop of colour remember to keep your chosen colour in the same temperature family (warm vs cool colours) as your siding.

Lantern-Style ChandelierLet's not forget about lighting! This gives your home a lasting impression at night.  Lantern-Style Chandeliers will match any traditional look and angular lights will boost the entry way if you have a more modern home.

With so many options, styles, and colours to choose from it's important to take your time to compare styles and colours. Remember to compare in different lighting such as morning, midday, at night and at night with a light on.

At 1st Choice Home Solutions we're ready to help you design your dream home!