Enhance Homes Curb Appeal - Part 1

Here are the first 4 proven tips to enhance your homes curb appeal. Make sure this is the year your home gets the makeover it is looking for.

You will want to focus on the purpose of the home. If you're an artist you will want large windows to showcase your work, if you spend most of your time in your backyard you will want decoration siding and large patio doors. Keep in mind your internal design, personality and layout will affect the overall exterior design.

If you're "Country" then your design may have more cedar shingles and stone compared to if you were "Modern" you may want a more darker vinyl siding and steel.


Materials and Textures and another very important aspect of your home. There are many materials to choose from, such as cedar shingles, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, steel etc. You will want to choose something that doesn't clash with the rest of your home while maintaining its durability.

Perfect colour combinations can make your house look like it's worth millions but the wrong combinations can have the opposite effect. Experts advise selecting a colour you like and two tints from the same strip. The lighter shade could be used for the body and the darker shade could be used for the trim or the other way around. The third accent colour could be used for your door.

There are many tricks when choosing colour. If you have a tall home and would like to make it look shorter, you could use a darker colour on top and a lighter colour on the bottom. If you can, use some free visualizers offered online but either using their demo photos or uploading your own. Also, make sure you are able to see samples of the different colours and textures offered.

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