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We'll let you in on a contractor secret...

Every home contractor is using the same materials!

There are only so many brands of asphalt shingles, only so many manufacturers of steel and metal roofing or vinyl siding. It all comes down to the workmanship and the customer's renovation experience.

We've built and continue to build 1st Choice Home Solutions around designing and refining our customers' renovation experiences. The ideas and values we stand behind and strive to bring to each and every job include superior communications, transparency, integrity and building and maintaining our gold star reputation.

Superior Communications


In communications, we have candid meetings with our customers to talk about their concerns, budget and goals for their project. It's the reason we prefer not to swing by when you're not at home and drop a quote off in your mailbox. With 1st Choice Home Solutions you can also expect a minimum of 4 emails/calls to update you on your project. This can include when the install date is being worked on, when the renovation date is set and a reminder a few days before the install date to inform you about material and waste bin drop off. We've even texted an East London resident picture updates on their work!

With us, you're always in the loop.

Transparency for Every Step of your Renovation

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Getting a major home renovation isn't a process customers go through often so transparency is highly valued. Other contractors' blanket prices keep you in the dark about the labour and materials that are going on your home. The 1st Choice Home Solutions Team has designed their own quoting system where we lay out each item's cost right down to the individual roofing nails or siding screws. Our terms and conditions lay out a lot of what if scenarios so you know just what to expect and a plan of action is already in place if something does happen. Wondering what happens when there's bad weather and the home can't be safely worked on? What actions take place and how much does it cost per sheet if rotten plywood is found and needs to be replaced on your roof? It's all in our Terms and Conditions, which our Sales Reps, Glen & Stephen, go over with you item by item before you sign.

Integrity & Honesty in the Roofing Process

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Integrity in the renovation process for you means straight talk on the durability of materials and honesty on what you need for your home. There's a lot of marketing out there that claims decades long lifetimes for asphalt shingles or that metal roofing will never fade from the sun - ever. Stephen and Glen let you know what you can realistically expect from the materials in our location and climate.

A South London resident chose us based on that integrity and ability to be honest saying they were "Never pressured us into putting parts on our roof we did not need or want."

A Reputation that Sets us Apart


Don't just take our word for it, our reputation sets us apart. We are one of the highest rated and reviewed contractors on Google and BBB for London and area. We've won awards for our customer service process from Guild Quality, which directly surveys past customers, the Siding & Window Dealers Association of Canada which interviews 50 past customers and ThreeBestRated. Reviewers tell it like it is: what it's like to work with Stephen & Glen, how our communications are, the quality of our materials and workmanship and how the crews are on site. They paint the full picture from voices right in your community!

Up to 20% of our customers are repeats or come to us through referral. That alone says something big: we're the company your neighbour, your friend and your family recommends.

In the end, we're here to help you design and build the right project for your home with the right materials, the right crew and for the right price.

The Team

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Glen Chard

President & Founder

Glen founded 1st Choice Home Solutions in 1996. He is a third generation home contractor with 34 years specializing in home exterior renovation. Glen prides himself in assisting his customers in choosing the best possible products for their homes with the greatest value.

Home Exterior Renovations

Tanya Scott

General Manager

Tanya joined 1st Choice Home Solutions in early Spring of 2014, and is extremely dedicated to her position of General Manager ensuring our customers all receive superior service.

Home Exterior Renovations

Stephen Chard

Sales Representative

Stephen has been working for the company since 2008 and brings his experience in customer service and construction to help customers find the best quality products for their homes, while maintaining the professionalism and exceptional quality he has learned from Glen.


Patricia McLean

Accounting Manager

Patricia has been working in the administrative field for over 10 years and joined our team in November 2011. Since then she has taken on many roles within our company and is dedicated to our teams' future success.


Les Gero

Production Manager

Les has 30 years experience in contracting ranging from labour to supervisor and joined our team in 2018 as a production manager.  Les is dedicated to ensuring all installs go by the book.

Megan - Marketing Manager

Megan Montgomery

 Marketing Manager

Megan joined 1st Choice Home Solutions in May 2019 and has a degree from Dalhousie's Business Management Program. She has worked in government, finance and not for profit.

Highly Awarded. Highly Regarded. Work with the Best. Call 1st Choice Home Solutions Today at 519-268-6331.

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1st Choice Home Solutions in Your Community


From Habitat for Humanity builds in London and area to pet adoption barbeques, Santa Claus parades and more, we recognize the importance of giving back and engaging with our community.

The 1st Choice Home Solutions Mission

At 1st Choice Home Solutions, we believe you should always feel confident when you contact a contractor for roofing or exterior home improvement.

We've built our company on honesty, integrity and exceptional craftsmanship.

To us, your house is more than a home. It's one of your most important investments.

When you work with 1st Choice Home Solutions we guarantee our materials and our workmanship as well as customer service that is always professional, honest and ethical.