Advantages of a Steel Door

Your front door is usually a focal point for most homes. It invites you into your home and can give a sense of personality. Most homeowners overlook the door when doing renovations and end up missing out on potential value and safety on their home.

A Steel Door offers better protection and durability against all weather conditions and the odd hit or bumps from objects. Steel doors are also harder to break into and will provide the most security. A steel Door can range from thin to thick depending on their gauge range. The lower the gauge number the thicker and stronger the door will be. The gauge range is usually 16-26.

If you are looking to add to the sleek design of a steel door then you can have decorative glass added or sidelights and transoms around the door. An added benefit is the ability to have a custom size installed and the option to paint a new colour every few years if desired.

Novatech is one of Canada's leading manufacturers for Steel Door in Canada and we are thrilled to be able to offer their reliable and visually exciting doors. Check our entry door page or come into our office to take a look through their large catalog.