Animals Causing Roof Damage

Animals can cause some serious roof damage. When you think of protecting your home, you think of  dangerous weather systems, hail, strong winds, rain and sometimes fire but you may not always think of small intruders during the seasons.

If animals are getting into your roof they are causing serious damage that will lead you to repairs or replacements to your home. The main reason animals are trying to get into your home is to seek shelter from the outside elements. Animals are attracted to the dark warmth of the attic, and will ruin parts of the roof, fascia, soffits or even gutters, in an attempt to gain access. While mice may be the first creatures that come to mind, raccoons, squirrels and rats also target roofs and attics as a nest location. In addition, birds and bats may be drawn to build nests inside attics, chimneys and gutters.

To prevent possible roof damage you should make sure all the long tree branches near your home are trimmed. Most animals use the tree branches to climb or jump onto your roof. You should also clean any debris out of your gutters regularly or install the Alu-Rex Gutter Guard to your existing trough or have it all replaced with the Alu-Rex T-Rex System and never worry about debris or birds trying to nest in your gutters.

You will also want to inspect inside your attic, if possible, and looking for animal droppings or small nests. Animals can also leave a type of an oily residue behind which you may be able to track back to where they are getting into your roof.

If you are experiencing animals causing roof damage or damage to other areas of your home, give us a call at 519-268-6331 to inspect and replace any areas that have been damaged.