Are your Windows Ready for Winter?


There are some key steps you will want to do before the snow falls. Find out the 3 simple steps to get your Windows ready for Winter.


  • Window Insulation Kit - It comes with a Shrink Film that you cover the inside door frame, double-stick tape that will attach the film to the frame. You will need to heat the Shrink Film around the frame with a hair dryer to keep attached. This method will not harm your frame in any way and keep your home warm all winter.
  • Heavy Curtains - You will want to use a heavy fabric or many layers to keep drafts out. Keep in mind "The Thicker the Better". If you are on a budget you can use a PVC shower curtains.
  • Draft Snakes - These are long fabric tubes filled with dry rice, sand or even dried lentils. They prevent cold air from entering the room from outside.

These 3 easy methods you are sure to save some money this winter. If you notice your windows are still one of the main reasons you are losing heat make sure to give us a call. We will provide a free inspection and quote to get your ready. Call 519-268-6331 today!