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Attic Ventilation: The Key to a Lasting Roof

Attic Ventilation

When your home is not properly ventilated you can have fried or curled shingles, warping or cracking on your wood framing, inside damage to walls and experience high energy costs. Read More.

What does it mean to be GAF Master Elite Certified Installer?

GAF Master Elite Certified London Ontario

Did you know less than 3% of companies are GAF Master Elite Certified? 1st Choice is proud and honoured to be part of that less than 3%. Read More.

Green Roofing


Green Roofing is a term for Roofing Contractors that care about the environment. 1st Choice Home Solutions is very proud to be a Green Roofing Company and has been Certified by GAF as a Green Roofer. Read More.

Habitat for Humanity: Young Family Edition

Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario

April 18th 2015 was a momentous day for James and Shannon Young, their daughter Elizabeth and their 2 sons; Jesse and Michael. They had received the keys to their new beginning, and 1st Choice Home Solutions were grateful to be a part of it. Read More.

Why choose 1st Choice Home Solutions for your Residential Roofing Contractor?

1st Choice Home Solutions

Find out what makes 1st Choice Home Solutions your first call for any of your Residential Roofing needs. Read More.

Choosing an Accredited Roofing Contractor in London Ontario


When searching for roofing contractors London Ontario, you come up with many businesses. How do you know which one to pick? Read More.

Finding the Right Roofing Contractor

Roofer on Roof

Did you know the average life of a roof is 15 years if installed properly? Read More.

4 Myths About Vinyl Siding Debunked

4 Myths About Vinyl SVinyl Siding Installation is popular in homes, but some people are hesitant to have vinyl siding installed because of some misconceptions.ding Debunked. Read More.

Tried-and-Tested Home Exterior Renovation Design Tips

Pencil on Nntepad for checklist

When it comes to curb appeal, every home exterior feature matters. Your roof, windows, doors, and siding should work together to achieve a truly harmonious design. Read More.

Just Moved to London, Ontario? We’re Here to Help!

Moving Box

The city of London has one of the most contrasting seasons in Canada.This kind of erratic weather can put a strain on your home’s exterior, but there’s no need to worry because there are 1st Choice Home Solutions. Read More.

Tips for Cleaning your Eavestrough

clogged downspout

Cleaning your Eavestrough can be a time consuming, dirty mess. Standing water, dirty leaves and debris can build up leaving a terrible smell. Read More.

4 Ways to lose Money Due to your Windows

Low E Window

There are four ways that heat escapes through your windows which will drive your energy bill up, costing you more money. Read More.

 5 Tips for Choosing a Patio Door

Sliding Patio Door

There can be many choices, colours, designs and styles to choose from. Find out some tips that will help you choose the perfect patio door. Read More.

Home Maintenance Schedule

Homes have maintenance schedules just like cars. Certain times of the years, and after so many years’, routine checks are to be done. Read More.

 Checking for Proper Ventilation in your attic

Home Ventilation in Attic

Use our helpful checklist and go through your home checking for proper Attic Ventilation. Read More.

 Roof Inspection: Why it is Important


Roof Inspection is something all homeowners need, find out why. Read More.

Benefits of Steel Roofing

Steel Roof in Blue

There are many Benefits of Steel Roofing. It is a great investment and will make your home energy efficient. The cost of a steel roof is certainly higher than shingles however it will also last at least twice as long which saves you money over a period of time. Read More.

 Gutters and Downspouts


Gutters and Downspouts are components of your Eavestrough. Gutters are the long narrow section that holds and carries the water and debris. It flows through and comes down the downspouts which are pointed away from the home. Read More.

 How to Match your Roofing and Siding

Red Brick Home with Black Roof

Roofing and Siding are exterior components of your home. When these exterior components are formed in unison is when your home will truly stand out among the rest, and of course, drive up the resale value. Read More.

 Roofing Done Right

Roof Contractors London Ontario

Once your search for local roofing companies, what do you do next? Read More.

 Rotten Fascia Boards


Rotten Fascia Boards can be a silent killer to your home, but do you know what are they and what they do? Read More.

 Are your Windows Ready for Winter?

Windows Ready for Winter

There are some key steps you will want to do before the snow falls. Find out the 3 simple steps to get your Windows ready for Winter. Read More.

 Choosing a Roofing Contractor

London Roofing

We have a set list you can follow when trying to choose the right Roof Contractors for your home. Read More.

Roof Repair – Can I do the Job Myself?

Hand Repairing Roof

Most people like to do a small roof repair for a home in order to save money. However, some roof repairs may involve more physical labour than others. Read More.

Why You Need A Roof Repair: 7 Signs of a Failing Roof

Find out about the 7 signs that you should watch out for, and what to do about it. Read More.

7 Roofing Danger Signals

7 Roofing Danger Signals

Find out about the “7 Roofing Danger Signals” you should be looking out for. Read More.

Advantages of a Steel Door


Most homeowners overlook the door when doing renovations and end up missing out on potential value and safety on their home. Read More.

How are shingles created?

Advanced Protection Shingle GAF Roof

In 2007 GAF created the first Advanced Protection shingles which focused on the science of shingles and utilized the most advanced manufacturing and testing techniques. Read More.

Which window should you install?


There are many window styles to choose from, and not every style will fit in every room. Read more.

Habitat for Humanity: Forbes Street Edition


Community Living London and Habitat for Humanity built two new homes, side by side. Read More.

How to Hang Lights on your Eavestrough

GutterClipAre you getting ready for the holidays? Trying to figure out how to hang your lights without damaging your eavestrough? We have some helpful tips and tricks for you! Read More.

Ice Damming

Ice Dam

Ice Damming is your homes way of telling you something isn’t right. An ice dam can be very damaging to your home. Read More.

Habitat for Humanity: Brockett Family Edition


The Brockett Family are moving into their Home from The Heroes for Humanity Build. The Heroes Build are supported by the past and current members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Royal Canadian Legion, RCMP, London Fire Department, London Police Services, London Police Association, EMS and citizens of the community. Read More.