Metal Roofing Services in London, Ontario

Metal Roofing is becoming more popular and more sought after. The benefits for a Metal Roof are much higher than a Shingle or Asphalt Roof. The one fear people might have is the initial cost.

A Metal Roof is known to be 2-3 times more money upfront than a common Shingle or Asphalt Roof. However, over the course of a lifetime, the Metal Roof ends up saving you money as no repairs or re-roofing will need to be done.

  • Wind Storm: Shingles can fly off a Roof in a bad wind storm. A Metal Roof consists of interlocks between each section of metal which allows for a long term protection.
  • Severe Rain Storm: Rain can get under the shingles especially if they have already been damaged by high winds or extreme weather. The Metal acts like a “protective skin” and will not allow any leaks or damage to occur.
  • Fire: Heavy roofing materials can cause the roof to collapse. A Metal Roof is non-combustible and lightweight.

Metal RoofingA Metal Roof is more valuable to homeowners as well as home buyers. High-Quality Metal Products contribute to 60% of its cost to the value of the home. Replacing a Standard grade Roof with another Standard grade Roof will only restore the value that was lost as the old Roof had degraded. It does not add any new value, unlike upgrading to a Metal Roof will. The original roof tends to detract from the overall value of the home and a Metal Roof is much more attractive to home buyers due to the longevity.

Metal Roofing is also recyclable. Steel is 35% Recyclable and Aluminum is 95% Recyclable. They also have a special protection that will not wash away after a few years like other treatments.

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