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By Content Writer | Feb 17, 2016

Benefits of Installing a Door Glass Installing a door glass to your entrance way will not only allow more natural light into your home but will also raise the curb appeal, and value, of your home. Installing a door glass is considered a personalization of your home and will stand out among the other “cookie-cutter” […]

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By Content Writer | Feb 10, 2016

Eavestrough in the Winter Your Eavestrough is a critical aspect of your home. Snow and ice can build up in your downspouts and run off. If you do not have a proper hanger installed, your home’s foundation and roof will suffer. The extra snow the piles on your eavestrough in the winter, and can be […]

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By Content Writer | Feb 2, 2016

Benefits of Skylights There are many benefits of having a Skylight installed in your home; Adds natural light which increases energy and enhances your mood 2-4 Airings a day will Increase indoor air quality Allows the air to escape quicker increasing the home’s overall ventilation Daylight increases Children’s creativity and learning ability’s Reduces the energy […]

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By Content Writer | Jan 26, 2016

Installation of Roof in London Ontario Having a Roof Installed is a big decision that requires a lot of research. You will want to look at your budget, how long you will be living there and what style your home is. A larger Roof Installation will be more money. Some people only have a portion […]

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By Content Writer | Jan 19, 2016

Metal Roofing Services in London, Ontario Metal Roofing is becoming more popular and more sought after. The benefits for a Metal Roof are much higher than a Shingle or Asphalt Roof. The one fear people might have is the initial cost. A Metal Roof is known to be 2-3 times more money upfront than a […]

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By Content Writer | Jan 14, 2016

Energy Efficient Tips for your Home Some helpful tips to save your hard earned money and have your home become more energy efficient.

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By Content Writer | Jan 12, 2016

Attic Inspection – Snow Melting Snow piling up on your house is a good indicator of the roof’s condition. You or a professional will want to inspect the attic. Some signs that your roof isn’t getting enough ventilation are; Icicles ice dam melted areas on the roof mold in the attic staining on plywood When […]

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By Content Writer | Jan 8, 2016

Steel Shingles are at least 60 perfect lighter than asphalt shingles. Steel shingles comes with a transferable 50-year warranty as well.

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By Content Writer | Dec 20, 2015

Ice Dam Ice Damming is your homes way of telling you something isn’t right. An ice dam can be very damaging to your home. An ice dam is a build-up of ice on your roof. They occur when the snow melts over your home from interior heat and runs down the roof until it reaches […]

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