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By Content Writer | Dec 17, 2015

Habitat for Humanity: Brockett Family Edition The Brockett Family are moving into their Home from The Heroes for Humanity Build. The Heroes Build are supported by the past and current members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Royal Canadian Legion, RCMP, London Fire Department, London Police Services, London Police Association, EMS and citizens of the community. […]

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By Content Writer | Dec 14, 2015

Habitat for Humanity: Forbes Street Edition       David, Steve, Paul, Dwight and Bile all have a new place to call home. Community Living London and Habitat for Humanity built two new homes, side by side. David, Paul and Steve are going to be sharing one home, with the assistance of support staff from […]

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By Content Writer | Dec 9, 2015

Are your Windows Ready for Winter? There are some key steps you will want to do before the snow falls. Find out the 3 simple steps to get your Windows ready for Winter. Using these 3 easy methods you are sure to save some money this winter. If you notice your windows are still one […]

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By Content Writer | Dec 7, 2015

Choosing Roof Contractors in London Ontario Finding Roof Contractors can be very hard when you’re not sure what you should be looking for. We will always advise to do your research and make sure you get a few quotes so you have an educated decision. We have a set list you can follow when trying […]

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By Content Writer | Dec 4, 2015

Are you getting ready for the holidays? Trying to figure out how to hang your lights without damaging your eavestrough? We have some helpful tips and tricks for you!

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By Content Writer | Nov 27, 2015

Rotten Fascia Boards Rotten Fascia Boards can be a silent killer to your home, but do you know what are they and what they do? The Fascia is the portion of your exterior trim where your gutters (eavestroughs) are usually attached to. The Fascia Boards are there to help prevent moisture and hold up your […]

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By Content Writer | Nov 19, 2015

How to Match your Roofing and Siding Roofing and Siding are exterior components of your home. When these exterior components are formed in unison is when your home will truly stand out among the rest, and of course, drive up resale value. We will outline which Roofing Shingle by GAF will match the type of […]

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By Content Writer | Nov 15, 2015

Gutters and Downspouts Gutters and Downspouts are components of your Eavestrough. Gutters are the long narrow section that holds and carries the water and debris. It flows through and comes down the downspouts which are pointed away from the home. To keep your foundation safe, sometimes you will need an elbow installed at the bottom […]

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By Content Writer | Nov 11, 2015

The Benefits of Steel Roofing There are many Benefits of Steel Roofing. It is a great investment and will make your home energy efficient. The cost of a steel roof is certainly higher than shingles however it will also last at least twice as long which saves you money over a period of time. Climate […]

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