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By Content Writer | Oct 27, 2015

Checking for Proper Ventilation in your Attic Let’s go through the list from the top of your home to the base of your home. Check off each area of your home as you go. To make sure you homes ventilation is in proper shape you may want to add a thermometer in your attic. Check […]

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By Content Writer | Oct 15, 2015

Did you know your Home has a Home Maintenance Schedule? Homes have maintenance schedules just like cars. Certain times of the years, and after so many years’, routine checks are to be done. Make sure to bookmark or print this list of your Home Maintenance Schedule. ROOF – Spring and Fall are the most important […]

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By Content Writer | Oct 13, 2015

Tips for Cleaning your Eavestrough Cleaning your Eavestrough can be a time consuming, dirty mess. Standing water, dirty leaves and debris can build up leaving a terrible smell. The debris left in your gutters can also stain the sides of your home. If you still have hooks or spikes installed, the standing water will cause […]

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By Content Writer | Oct 7, 2015

5 Essential Questions for Choosing a Patio Door Who doesn’t love the light streaming in their patio door no matter the season? In the winter it’s a frame to a world of minimalist blacks, grays and whites. In the summer your garden door frames a private green oasis. What Design Works Best for My Space? […]

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By Content Writer | Oct 3, 2015

4 Ways to Lose Money Due to your Windows There are four ways that heat escapes through your windows which will drive your energy bill up, costing you more money. Conduction: All around your windows heat can directly transfer from your home to the outside of your home. Convection: The warm air on the inside […]

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By Content Writer | Sep 22, 2015

Advantages of a Steel Door Your front door is usually a focal point for most homes. It invites you into your home and can give a sense of personality. Most homeowners overlook the door when doing renovations and end up missing out on potential value and safety on their home. A Steel Door offers better […]

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By Content Writer | Sep 21, 2015

Which window should you install? There are many window styles to choose from, and not every style will fit in every room. Read more to find out what is best for your home. Awning Window If you’re looking for more ventilation as well as light than the Awning Window is your best choice. These windows […]

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By Content Writer | Sep 14, 2015

6 Roofing Danger Signals 6 Roofing Dangers Signals is a an easy chart to follow every year. As we enter the colder months you should be thinking about roof inspections. Here are “6 Roofing Danger Signals” you should be looking out for. Learn more about our roofing company in London, Ontario Save

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By Content Writer | Sep 9, 2015

How are shingles created? In 2007 GAF created the first Advanced Protection shingles which focused on the science of shingles and utilized the most advanced manufacturing and testing techniques (including computer simulation technology originally developed for the Space Shuttle!). To create the Advanced Protection Shingle, GAF changed the concentration and orientation of the glass fibers […]

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