Attic Inspection – Snow Melting

Snow piling up on your house is a good indicator of the roof’s condition. You or a professional will want to inspect the attic.

Some signs that your roof isn’t getting enough ventilation are;

  • Icicles
  • ice dam
  • melted areas on the roof
  • mold in the attic
  • staining on plywood

When the roof has an even layer of snow covered on it and no icicles forming you generally are safe to assume your Attic is being properly ventilated. You will see melting occurring around any venting or fireplace exhausts which are normal. If there are bare spots or “Hot Spots” this is a good indicator there are issues.

Below are some examples of Poor Ventilation in the Winter

Poor Roof Attic Insulation
Attic Inspection - Snow Melting
Poor Roof Attic Ventilation Snow Melting

There are always steps you can take to ensure your Roof does get enough Ventilation. One step we recommend is using the Ice and Water product. It should always be installed on top of plywood. The product is considered the second layer of protection, It seals around the nails, not allowing water to seep into your attic.

TIP: The snow on your Roof should be melting due to the warmth outside and not by the heat inside

If you see any of the above signs or think it may be a good time to have your Attic Inspected you can call us at 519-268-6331 or fill out an appointment form for your Free Inspection.