Attic Ventilation: The Key to a Lasting Roof

Correct attic ventilation is key to a lasting roof. It allows cool air to enter into the attic through the eavestrough or soffits and gets rid of hot moist air through the exhaust vents or the ridge. When your home is not properly ventilated you can have fried or curled shingles, warping or cracking on your wood framing, inside damage to walls and experience high energy costs.


We recommended having the Cobra SnowCountry to be installed instead of standard exhaust vents. The difference is, when installing exhaust vents we would have to cut multiple holes in your roof. This method can have outdoor pollutants to come into your home and only covers a few isolated locations in your attic.

With the Cobra SnowCountry option we only cut the wood under the ridge cap which will allow full coverage over the entire upper portion of the roof and blends in well for that finished look. The product allows hot, stale air to escape, and fresh air to enter which will save energy and works well in any climate. This will safeguard your attic against mildew, rot and ice damming in harsh winters.

We always take the time to explain the roofing system that we follow and why it is needed to take that extra step to make sure the ventilation is in good condition. If you would like more information you can contact us through our contact form or call us at 519-268-6331.