Benefits of Skylights

There are many benefits of having a Skylight installed in your home;

  • Adds natural light which increases energy and enhances your mood
  • 2-4 Airings a day will Increase indoor air quality
  • Allows the air to escape quicker increasing the home’s overall ventilation
  • Daylight increases Children’s creativity and learning ability’s
  • Reduces the energy being used from artificial light
  • Need for air conditioning is reduced
  • Removes moisture and odors

Positioning is key when installing a Skylight.

If your roof is a North-Facing Roof the skylight will provide constant light and keep your home cool.

If you own an East-Facing Roof you would receive the maximum amount of light and heat from the sun in the morning.

A West-Facing Roof will allow the afternoon light in which will heat up the home only during that time.

If you have a South-Facing Roof it will obtain the most heat in the summer.

BalconySkylightVelux offers various type of Skylights such as a pivoting window, top-hinged window, a balcony window, solar powered window and a digitally controlled window.

Skylight in BathroomYour choices are not limited to where Skylights can be installed. Most common areas of the home to have Skylights installed are the attic, kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. All Skylights also come with the option of blinds as well.


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