CertainTeed Matterhorn Slate Metal Roofing Collection

CertainTeed Matterhorn Slate Metal Roofing Close Up in Cobalt edited
CertainTeed Matterhorn Slate Metal Roofing Close Up
CertainTeed Matterhorn Slate Metal Roofing Close Up in Brownstone edited

Bring the luxury of the natural world to your home with our premium Matterhorn Slate Collection


Your Premium Permanent Roofing Solution

Matterhorn Slate Metal Roofing adds the beauty of natural slate in a permanent roofing style that will last for decades.

Reduce Your Energy Bills up to 15%

Cool-Roof® technology reflects UV and invisible infrared rays which produce heat. The low gloss means your roof is able to reflect light without a visible glare. The same technology that keeps your home cool in the summer works in the winter by reducing  thermal emittance to keep warm air in your home where it belongs and reduce energy bills up to 15%.

Value for the Future

You're invested in making your home the best place you can for your yourself and family.  When you sell your home you can be confident that our Slate metal roofing will add resale market value. With a 50 year transferable warranty you have guaranteed value and protection on colouring now and in the future.

Strength & Durability

Longevity in Your Roof

No cracks. No chips. No rotting. No peeling. No acid rain wear, corrosion or erosion. Guaranteed by CertainTeed & 1st Choice Home Solutions.

The Strongest Materials on Earth

Stronger than clay, asphalt and aluminum and up to 95% lighter to ease the burden on your home's support structure.


Rust Can't Touch It

With three layers in its paint system, including a thermally deposited anti-corrosive coating, a layer of zinc-phosphate to provide a superior bond for paint and a top clear coat.

Wind Resistant

 Our Matterhorn Slate Metal Roofing resists wind up to 209 KM per hour. It will perform better in wind driven rain, hail and snow in a way no asphalt shingle can.

Pest Proof 

Stop moss and fungus in its tracks. Keep out insects and other pests with steel tiles that can't be lifted or compromised by animals.

Rest Easy with Fire Resistance

With hotter summer temperatures and dryer seasons you can be confident the Matterhorn collection will resist fire and is rated in Class A&B of ASTM E108.



Matterhorn steel is 100% recyclable. From production to end of life disposal, they use less oil products to produce and transport due to their lighter weight. All products from this line are made with 25-50% recycled metal.

Reduce Landfill Waste

Between 2 and 3 tonnes of asphalt shingles go into a landfill every time a roof is redone for a mid-sized Canadian home. Over the course of just 50 years this steel tile roof would divert over 9 tonnes of non-biodegradable oil products.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Cut heating and air conditioning bills by using technology that works with you to keep air in and external temperature out. Slate Matterhorn metal roofing can decrease surface roof temperature by 10-21ºC.

The Matterhorn Slate Colour Collection

CertainTeed Matterhorn Slate Metal Roofing Brownstone
CertainTeed Matterhorn Slate Metal Roofing Castle Grey
Castle Grey
CertainTeed Matterhorn Slate Metal Roofing Cobalt
CertainTeed Matterhorn Slate Metal Roofing Mountain Sage
Mountain Sage
CertainTeed Matterhorn Slate Metal Roofing Storm Slate
Storm Slate

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