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CertainTeed roofing products are offered by the most trusted Roofing Company in London. We make sure your investment in your home lasts a lifetime. We only use CertainTeed roofing products on your roof simply because they are the best. 1st Choice Home Solutions is a certified CertainTeed Shingle Master roofing contractor London, which allows us to provide you with the best roof products and warranty possible.

Check out some shingle options in our incredible line of CertainTeed Roofing Shingles;

  • Landmark
  • Luxury
  • XT 25

Whats the difference of a CertainTeed Shingle Master certified roofing company and a roofing company that isn’t? The warranty. 1st Choice Home Solutions is a certified CertainTeed Shingle Master roofing contractor and therefore is able to offer the 3 & 4 Star Warranty! Click here to learn more.

There are many products we use that most companies will not, this is what separates us from the rest. Below is a list of the CertainTeed Roofing Products we suggest and use. All this information will be included in your roofing proposal when you have an appointment with 1st Choice Home Solutions.

[ezcol_1third] WinterGuard

The WinterGuard Series of water-proofing shingle underlayments are applied under roof shingles to protect your home’s interior from winter leaks caused by ice dams and wind-driven rain.[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third] DiamondDeck


DiamondDeck is a synthetic, scrim-reinforced, water-resistant underlayment. It has exceptional dimensional stability compared to standard felt underlayment. Its special top surface treatment provides excellent slip resistance, even when wet.




RoofRunner is a lightweight synthetic polymer-based underlayment designed for use on roof decks as a water-resistant layer beneath asphalt roofing shingles.

Roofers Select

RoofersSelectCertainTeedRoofingProductRoofers Select is the final layer of protection that covers the entire roof after the WinterGuard application. It is reiniforced with fibre glass to provide extra resistance to wrinkling and tear out from fasteners.

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Ridge Vent


There are multiple ridge vents that CertainTeed offers but they are work year round to ventilate your attic by providing evenly distributed ventilation along the entire underside of the roof.

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Rolled Ridge Vent


The Rolled Ridge Vent comes in both Filtered and Non-Filtered. The both deflect wind and weather over the vent and creates a low pressure above the vent to pull the air out of the attic.

Intake Vent


The Intake Vent provides proper intake ventilation for homes with little or no overhang. It’s a roof-top installed, shingle-over intake vent that can be used to supplement existing soffit or undereave vents.

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Static Vent


The Static Vent is rust-free with UV inhibitors. It will help extend your roof and shingle life. It comes in plastic and aluminum.

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