Landmark Pro is made from a two-piece laminated fiber glass-based construction. The Landmark Pro Shingles come with a lifetime limited warranty, 10-year SureStart protection which includes materials, labour, tear off and disposal cost. Additionally the shingles also come with 15-year algae resistance and a 15-year 110 MPH wind warranty with upgrade to 130 MPH available.

The difference from the traditional Landmark Shingle? The Landmark Pro Shingle includes Maximum Definition color blend technology to give the product more vibrancy on the roof.

MaxDefCobblestoneGrayCertainTeedRoofingShingleMax Def Cobblestone Gray
-MaxDefColonialSlateCertainTeedRoofingShingleMax Def Colonial Slate
MaxDefGeorgetownGrayCertainTeedRoofingShingleMax Def Georgetown Gray
MaxDefResawnSakeCertainTeedRoofingShingleMax Def Resawn Shake

MaxDefWeatheredWoodCertainTeedShingleRoofingMax Def Weathered Wood
MaxDefBurntSiennaCertainTeedShingleRoofingMax Def Burnt Sienna
MaxDefDriftwoodCertainTeedShingleRoofingMax Def Driftwood
MaxDefHeatherBlendCertainTeedShingleRoofingMax Def Heather Blend

MaxDefAtlanticBlueCertainTeedRoofingShingleMax Def Atlantic Blue
MaxDefHunterGreenCertainTeedRoofingShingleMax Def Hunter Green
MaxDefMoireBlackCertainTeedRoofingShingleMax Def Moire Black
MaxDefPewterWoodCertainTeedRoofingShingleMax Def Pewter

MaxDefPrairieWoodCertainTeedShingleRoofMax Def Prairie Wood
MaxDefShenandoahCertainTeedShingleRoofMax Def Shenandoah
SilverBirchCertainTeedShingleRoofSilver Birch
CottageRedCertainTeedShingleRoofCottage Red

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