CertainTeed Roofing Warranty

Whats the difference of a CertainTeed Shingle Master certified roofing company and a roofing company that isn't? The warranty.Find out about the good, better, best warranty that CertainTeed has to offer.

Roofing Warranty should always be something you consider when installing a new Certainteed Roof. Only CertainTeed enhances your shingle warranty with the total assurance of SureStart. Our decision to become a CertainTeed ShingleMaster contractor was an easy one. Not every roofing contractor can become a Certified ShingleMaster.

We have earned this achievement by employing a Shingle Quality Specialist and a Master Shingle Applicator qualified workforce. We attended a ShingleMaster credential course that covers CertainTeed roofing products, application standards, shingle technology and quality. Your home is in good hands with 1st Choice Home Solutions. 1st Choice Home Solutions also offer their 10-Year Workmanship to all roofing projects

CertainTeed Warranty Options

SureStart Protection

SureStart Protection provides the best coverage you can get in the vital early years after your new roof has been installed. Your SureStart Protection will cover 100% of Materials and 100% of Labor.

The SureStart terms are effective for 3, 5 or 10 years based on the shingle. The CertainTeed warranty with SureStart protection can be transferred from the original consumer to the subsequent property owner during the SureStart period for the remaining duration of the warranty.

SureStart Plus

All CertainTeed roofing products are crafted with quality materials, advanced manufacturing methods and a standard of excellence. That means problems rarely occur.

CertainTeed SureStart Plus covers 100% of the cost of shingles to repair or replace defective shingles, the cost of labor to repair the defective shingles or apply new shingles to replace defective shingles. Transferable from the original property owner/consumer to the first subsequent owner.

3 Star Coverage

This Warranty provides coverage for Lifetime Shingles for 20 years. It also includes Non-Prorated Coverage, Materials & Labour and tear off.

4 Star Coverage

This Warranty provides coverage for Lifetime Shingles for 50 years. It also includes Non-Prorated Coverage, Materials & Labour, tear off and disposal.

CertainTeed General Asphalt Shingles Warranty

The warranty lists the specific CertainTeed asphalt shingle products that are covered and the period of time for which they are covered.


CertainTeed Integrity Roof System

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1st Choice Home Solutions offers their 10-Year Workmanship to all roofing projects. If you are looking for the best protection and the best warranty for your roof, contact your professional, top rated, london ontario roofers.

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