Tips for Cleaning your Eavestrough

EavestroughRustCleaning your Eavestrough can be a time consuming, dirty mess. Standing water, dirty leaves and debris can build up leaving a terrible smell. The debris left in your gutters can also stain the sides of your home. If you still have hooks or spikes installed, the standing water will cause rust and drip down your troughs as well, making it visible from the ground and not aesthetically pleasing.

p-clogged-downspoutIn order to clean your eavestrough properly, you will want someone to help, as you will have to climb a ladder and make sure to clear out any leaves and other debris. Your next step will be to make sure there is no clogging in the downpipe. Once all the debris is gone, you will then have to spray water down the pipe until the water runs clear. This method is recommended to be done every few months.


If you don’t want the hassle of cleaning your gutters every few months and want to peace of mind we recommend Alu-Rex. They offer a 40-year clog free warranty and are able to match your home's exterior. The Alu-Rex Eavestrough are aesthetically pleasing and come in different series depending on what you are looking for. Read more about the Alu-Rex products.