Patio Door

Our patio doors are chosen based on the quality, manufacturing experience, and the value they add to our client’s homes. We currently offer Royal Building Products and Novatech. The Novatech Patio Doors come in a few different Series. Our doors are fully customizable to meet your design and budget requirements.

300 Series

The 300 Series is a PVC frame that is exclusive to Novatech. It contains an internal slope which will allow for more efficient drainage.

They are also Energy Star qualified and the series offers three types of panels, including a french decorative panel.

301 Series

The standard feature includes a draining system with anti-return flap, anodized aluminum screen rail, clear tempered sealed unit with non-conductive spacers and a "four in one" exclusive (optional) welded PVC brick mould.

It also comes in 3 Woodgrain laminated PVC colours; Natural Oak, Dark Oak and Cherry Oak. Some other custome options are a tinited glass in bronze or grey, toplites and sidelites and a PVC frame extension.

310 Series

The screen offer superior strength with its aluminum frame fiberglass screen cloth that resists tearing and perforations. It comes with a standard white PVC handle however, you can choose the Mortise Signature handle with a double point mechanism and have the option of the key lock.

370 Series

The sliding door is created to look like a French Door, without the hinges. There are 5 glass options to choose from and can come in 2, 3 or 4 panels. There are also a wide variety of toplites and sidelites configurations available; four point locking mechanism, robust security bar with adjustable tip, ultra-resistant screen, key-lock and a foot lock.

400 Series

The 400 Series have the same advantages as the 300 with the high-performance welded PVC frame. It also comes with a structural wood portion. The 400 Series offers a french decorative panel as well.

The optional "four in one" exclusive welded PVC brick mould with anoized aluminum sill extension and intregrated nailing flange and the optional PVC or aluminum sill cover is a custom part of the patio door. the draining system comes standard is comes in an optional French Style, wood frame, tinted glass and Energy saving sealed unit

500 Series

The 500 Series has evolved in two different products; a PVC cladded wood frame and welded sash and the PVC cladded wood frame with a mechanically assembled sash. With its unique design, the new Element door is a combination of aluminum, PVC, and wood and comes in a french decorative panel.

530 Series

The PVC cladded wood frame comes with a PVC sash, which ensures optimunm air and water tightness and clear tempered sealed unit glass with non-conductive spacers. Some options are haveing an Energy-saving Low-E ArgonA, B and C zones as well as tinted glass in Bronze or Grey. The Mortise Signature handles with a double point mechanism also is an option.

550 Series

A rigid wood and PVC structure that comes with 6 glass panel options. The standard comes with a PVC sash, prestige handle and a sealed tempered Low-E glass unit. Some options are; 3-position foot lock, key lock, "Heavy Duty" screen and a double point lock mechanism for increased security. Comes with the options for transoms and sidelites as well as integrated blinds. The blind slates are contained inside glass which makes it safe and maintenance-free.

1600 Garden Door

All-PVC garden door with a European elegance with many customizable options. Some of the options include; innovative Low-E blinds between the glass, inward or outward opening and comes with 6 different handle finishes. It comes with a full-length fixed geared hinge, made of anodized aluminum, for durability and optimum weather resistance.

700 Series

The patio door has a combination of two rows of sliding panels. It includes a 4-panel aluminum patio door with a wood frame and is maintenance free. Some extra options include; face plate exterior keylock, aluminum brick mould with sill extension, tinted glass and painted aluminum.

775 Series

This includes a 4-panel aluminum patio door with an aluminum frame. The panels contains 2 thermal glass panels) and 2 rows of panels with single glazing (4 single-glazed panels) and for the "+" edition it contains 1 row of panels with single glazing and 1 row of panels with thermal glass (2 single-glazed panels. The screen contains an aluminum frame with fiberglass mesh and has a PVC thermal barrier around the frame. It includes weep holes fro drainage and has an option of include a face platine exterior keylock.

Royal Building

Royal Building Products are built with exceptional precision and efficiency. The components feature refined aesthetics, while offering superior energy performance, strength, durability and security.

Currently we offer the Royal Opus I which is a vinyl patio door and comes with a limited 20 year warranty; 20 years on PVC, 20 years against glass seal failure and 1 year on hardware components. The internal Mini-Blinds come with a 5 year warranty on the blind operation and 10 years on the seal failure of glass.

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