Eavestrough in the Winter

Your Eavestrough is a critical aspect of your home. Snow and ice can build up in your downspouts and run off. If you do not have a proper hanger installed, your home's foundation and roof will suffer.

Eavestrough in the Winter filled with iceThe extra snow the piles on your eavestrough in the winter, and can be heavy and damaging. When the rain, snow and hail freezes, it clogs up your eavestrough and weighs it down. Alu-rex has a continuous hanger that actually closes your gutter and keeps the snow out and does not carry all that extra weight.

If you do not have the Alu-rex product installed then it is important to have your gutters cleaned out twice a year; spring and fall. The water from the melted snow doesn't have anywhere to go and will overflow to the ground around the foundation on your home. Water can seep into your basement and window wells, or even flow back up to your fascia, and cause enormous damage.

Snow on tip of Alurex Eavestrough in WinterIf you're looking for a permanent solution contact 1st choice for your free Eavestrough Estimate, 519-268-6331 or fill out our form.