Alu-Rex Gutter Clean

The Gutter Clean System is for your existing rain gutters. It allows you to maintain the look and integrity of your home. Forget the usual eavestrough upkeep, and give you more time to enjoy life.

No Maintenance

No more clogged leaves, overflow, upkeep, or rotting debris.

Ice & Snow

The Alu-Rex Gutter Clean protects your eavestroughs from ice and snow and can handle 755mm of water an hour. It will reduce any ice and snow problem you are occurring in the winter.


Alu-Rex Gutter Clean System is guaranteed for 40 years clog-free, the material is rust-proof, and keeps out birds and squirrels.


Alu-Rex Gutter Clean System will drain freely so that water will not seep into your home that can cause majour damage and will not spill onto the ground.


The Flex Seal Technology provides an airtight seal at the back of the eavestrough and will resist any change in temperature and UV rays.


The overlap in the Gutter Clean System holds the sections tightly together, prevent leaves and debris to penetrate in between the sections. This ensures all sections of your eavestrough are strong and leak-proof.

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AluRex Eavestrough 40 year warranty