Get the look of the Farmhouse

Get the look of a Beautiful Farmhouse!

Get the Farmhouse look in London Ontario for an affordable price! We will show you how to create your dream home with products that we currently offer.

The Rustic Shingle by Classic Metal Roofing Product would give the durability and style of that Farmhouse look. The Caramel colour would match light stone, or light siding on your home.

A Classical Victoria Shaker Single Door in Black by Novatech would stand out among the light colour of your home. With white trim and a few top lights the entryway will stand out and have visitors in awe, at night or in the daytime.

If you don’t have your home in stone or light colour rock, we do have some suggestions to get the Insulplank II Siding as Farmhouse Looklighter look. Try Insullplank II in a light colour, such as; hearthstone that is pictured. The horizontal style will still leave the home looking more wide like the traditional Farmhouse look.

As an added tip, have black shutters installed around the front windows to match the steel door.