Get the Stone look for your Home!

Get The Look-StoneAdding any style of stone will add a posh and classy look. There are many different areas of the home to have the stone installed. You can start in the backyard and add an accent wall, with lights and some plants, or if you have a fireplace, add some stone around the area.

You can also add the stone to the front of your home on the bottom portion, and have vinyl siding above, or you can add it to your whole home. With endless options and various colours your imagination is limitless.

A great look that goes with stone is openness. With large windows and glass doors, the natural light combined with the stone will give your home that woodsy or natural feel.

Novatech glass doors are a great option as the glass can come in many different styles. You can keep your privacy with stained glass and add some character with styles from cachet to gothic to the distinction grille as seen in the photo.

Whichever style of Door you choose, we are able to help pick the right stone colour and any other additional characteristics to help make your house, your home.