Habitat for Humanity: Forbes Street Edition





David, Steve, Paul, Dwight and Bile all have a new place to call home. Community Living London and Habitat for Humanity built two new homes, side by side.

David, Paul and Steve are going to be sharing one home, with the assistance of support staff from Community Living London.  Dwight and Bile are going to be living next door, and for them this is the first time they will be independent. They already do their own grocery shopping and cook meals throughout the week.

These men are uniquely individual from each other and have some of the biggest hearts.

Steve and Dwight have a passion for hockey and the London Knights. Steve also enjoys rock concerts while Dwight is an avid athlete and teaches sign language.

David loves to fish so much that he goes on a fishing trip every year. He has also been recognized for the years of volunteering for the John Gordon Home.

Bile loves to be active by going to the gym or playing basketball. He also works part-time at Star Tech in London.

Paul loves all sports and enjoys listening to music and shopping for clothes.

Below is a photo of a completed roof by 1st Choice Home Solutions

Habitat for Humanity Forbes Street


1st Choice Home Solutions are excited to be working Habitat for Humanity for the third time this year. We are so grateful to help these men become more independent and live their lives with the freedom and confidence they deserve.