Did you know your Home has a Home Maintenance Schedule?

Homes have maintenance schedules just like cars. Certain times of the years, and after so many years’, routine checks are to be done. Make sure to bookmark or print this list of your Home Maintenance Schedule.

ROOF Spring and Fall are the most important times of the year to have your roof inspected.

The attic is usually the source of the problem due to improper ventilation, air condition, infestations, and plumbing.

If you have a chimney, it could have 3 main issues; flashing, siding and the cap. You will have to make sure the flashing is properly installed, and no gaps or leaks are occurring.

Make sure to check any roof vents, make sure the rubber has not cracked. Otherwise, you will need to re-seal to keep water and animals outs.

You will also want to check the shingles, make sure there aren’t any that have curled, fallen off or even warped.

If you are checking these signs twice a year, and do any small repairs as needed, you will be able to have your roof last longer for years to come. Small repairs and much cheaper and take less time than having a new roof installed.

WINDOWS & DOORS You will want to check in the Fall before the heat is turned on, and in the Spring before your A/C is turned on.

Look at the outside of the window and make sure old caulking hasn’t cracked and no gaps are between the window or door frame from your siding. You may need to re-caulk around doors and windows.

GUTTERS Twice a year your gutters need to be maintained, possibly more if your home is under a lot of trees or the area of your home is prone to bad storms.

Fall – gutters need to be cleared of any debris, if they stay clogged for winter they will freeze and overload your trough and eventually warp due to water expanding as it freezes.

Spring – you will want to ensure there is nothing blocking your downspouts or gutters, this issue is the main source of leaks which can cause damage to the roof, walls, and gutters.

EXTERIOR Spring is the best time to clean and check your exterior.

Vinyl siding, soffit, and fascia don't need any special maintenance, just a wash down and they will be ready to go for another year. You will want to keep your eye out for any rotting or damaged parts.