How are shingles created?

In 2007 GAF created the first Advanced Protection shingles which focused on the science of shingles and utilized the most advanced manufacturing and testing techniques (including computer simulation technology originally developed for the Space Shuttle!).

To create the Advanced Protection Shingle, GAF changed the concentration and orientation of the glass fibers in the core and distributed asphalt from the back of the shingle to the front (where it matters the most), then finally a special self-sealing adhesive was applied creating a strong and lightweight shingle.

GAF used the approach of building a bridge into building a shingle. They used decades of data and statics along with NASA technology to determine where and how shingles are being stressed on the roofs, therefore giving additional data to ensure a lifetime roof is being created.

Once the data had been collected and tested with GAF’s software, it was then put into practice by GAF manufactures.

A team of product designers decided they needed to upgrade their controls to state of the art systems if they were going to produce the best shingles. GAF manufactures were already known as the most advanced in the industry but they needed to upgrade their machines to become beyond what they were capable of. They used similar machines for body scans that were used to take a closer look at the newly developed shingles.

Over 25 new raw materials were developed and implemented into their shingles which would increase the strength and ability to withstand the harsh roof stress tests.

The Advanced Protection Shingles are also environmentally conscious by;

  • Eliminating the unnecessary waste of natural resources by using no fillers and less asphalt
  • Recycling used shingles for re-use in roadways instead of ending up in the landfill
  • Minimize fuel use in transportation because of their light-weight


Even though they beat the industry standards, GAF are still continuing to use new raw materials to even further their shingle quality and continue to use little of natural resources as possible.

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