How to Choose the Right Gutter Protection

Gutter protection is very useful for a home. Not only does it help you keep gutters in good condition, it provides protection against dead leaves debris snow and ice.

First you will want to asses your needs. What type of debris do you have?

EavestroughIf you have smaller debris, like asphalt grains, pine needles or dirt you will want a smaller hole. However the smaller holes will make it harder for water to drain quickly, and will be a slow drain.

If you have a steep roof slope, or live in an area with heavy rainfalls, you will want to find a balance between perforated holes that provide drainage and enough protection for debris. You will need a model with a slight angle to the house with a rollback front edge.

Material is also important. Aluminum is generally tougher than plastic and screwed in gutters are more durable than gutters that are affixed with no fasteners.

Keeping ice and snow outside the gutter will also extend the service life and prevent water infiltration.

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