How to Hang Lights on your Eavestrough

Are you getting ready for the holidays? Trying to figure out how to hang your lights without damaging your eavestrough? We have some helpful tips and tricks for you!

Safety: Always the number one step to think about. Make sure your ladder is flat on the ground. If you can, try and have someone there with you if possible.

The edges also may be sharp so make sure to wear protective gloves.

Lights:  Choose lights that are made for outside use. The LED lights are always the safest choice and come in numerous designs and colours.

Some LED lights are better than others. Most LED lights blink on and off many times per second, like a florescent light. Most are so rapid your eye cannot detect the blinking, however some non-reflective lights blink slowly which is detectable to the eye and can cause headaches.

Clips: There are a few different style of clips to choose from, and depends on which type of lights you are planning to use.

GutterClipThe Gutter Clip fits all standard eavestrough styles and we would suggest using these. They specifically hang lights and other decorations from your gutters.

Christman-Lights-On-RoofMost stores also offer the All-in-one Clip. You can install your lights on your shingles and eavestrough. They will also attach to your vinyl siding, and around your windows and doors.

EZ-Lights-On-EavestroughIf you have the Alu-Rex GutterClean System or the T-Rex you will have to hang the lights on the clips that you attach to the front of the eavestrough. You can also attach soffit clips as an alternative. Alu-Rex recommends the "EZ Snap Christmas Light Clips". The lights easily hang from your eavestroughs, shingles, and siding.


Feature: You will want lights that are flexible in cold weather and UV protected. You will want to re-use them for years after and if they don't fluctuate to the temperatures they may not last another year.

If you are not sure how to hang lights on your eavestrough, make sure to ask your local hardware or handy store.