Ice Dam

Ice DamIce Damming is your homes way of telling you something isn’t right. An ice dam can be very damaging to your home. An ice dam is a build-up of ice on your roof. They occur when the snow melts over your home from interior heat and runs down the roof until it reaches the overhang where it re-freezes. This can happen multiple times during the winter causing long icicles to build up.

Ice Dams are not covered under warranty, unfortunately, and most homes do experience ice damming at some point. It is impossible to get rid of an ice dam occurring 100% of the time with all homes.

For shingled houses there are 2 main steps you can take;

  • Install a Leak Barrier – membranes help prevent water from going through your roof deck. We suggest Weather Watch as your leak barrier. You can read more about it here.
  • Proper Ventilation – Moisture and condensation along with heat, can build up under your roof deck. A balanced soffit and ridge system would provide adequate ventilation, which will reduce the snow melting off of your roof.


Metal roofs tend to have the snow fall off quicker than an asphalt or fiberglass roof due to their smooth surface. The sun also passes through the snow to hit the metal roof that is bounced back, causing more snow to melt. Although having a metal roof does not mean Ice Damming will not happen. You may occur less or not as damaging ice dams, compared to an asphalt or fiberglass roof with little to no leak barrier or ventilation.

If you notice Ice Damming happening to give us a call, 519-268-6331 or contact us through our form. We are more than happy to provide a free Roof Inspection as well as a free estimate.