Ice on your Eavestrough

Why is there ice on your eavestrough?
The accumulation of ice on a roof is due to a problem of ventilation or insulation. Because of heat loss, the snow melts and freezes into ice when it hits the cold eaves.

Ice Gutters-filled-with-icegenerally forms in the eavestrough to fill it up until the icicles appear on the front. The accumulation of ice inside the eavestrough can cause irreparable damage to your residence due to
the expansion created by the freezing and thawing. The eavestrough may warp and nails or screws will then get loose. Such a situation will give direct opening to water infiltration.

The ice accumulated in the eavestrough will eventually clog it and therefore water will not
drain. This is another situation that can lead to water infiltration.

Snow-on-top-of-leaf-guardIce and snow accumulated on top of the product will drain directly in the eavestrough when melting or when it rains. It is therefore preferable to have ice on the product rather than inside your eavestrough. The eavestrough will be spared from the expansion created by the freezing
and thawing and will not be distorted.

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