How to Match Siding and Shutters

A lot of customers are not sure how to match siding and shutters and may not think shutters would make a difference to the appearance of the home.

A starting point would be to neutral colours for the siding, light or dark beige and light or dark grey. You will want to keep the siding the lightest colour and can match the the frame or go darker.

Your shutters should not match your siding as it will just fade into the look of the siding and not stand out. If you are wondering what colour the shutters should be, look to your doors. The best way to match your shutters is to choose the door colour, which can be a bold colour.

If you are looking for more of a traditional-style, you are best to look as the traditional colours like white or black for the shutters. If you are looking for more of a contemporary home, choose a bolder colour like a blue or even green.

Generally a home uses two-three colours. Shutters should be the same as the front door, but can also match the accent colour of the trim. Siding will always be a different colour as not to clash with the other colours. For a pop of colour you could have the door a different colour than the siding and the shutters.

Whichever colour scheme you decide on, make sure it is one you can live with, as siding, shutters and trim can last a long time if taken care of properly.