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Novatech Steel Entry Door - Orleans Style, bistro doorglass
Novatech Steel Entry Door - Mundo 9 lines style, red
Novatech Steel Entry Door Orleans Style, Liano centre glass, chinchilla sidelights

Our Novatech Steel Front Entry Doors Put the Power of Design in Your Hands

Designed Different

Canadian Made Quality

When something is made in our country you know you can expect a higher level of workmanship & quality. Designed in Quebec, the steel series has style ranging from timeless and natural to contemporary and eclectic.


Your Door. Your Way.

Harness the power of design with 302 window, door and sidelight combinations, 42 glass styles and 18 different base door styles. Try each look on your house with the Novatech Design Centre.

Be the Stand Out

Whether you want modern sleek straight lines, elegant molding or the pure and simple lines of timeless design, this collection has the ability for your door to be one of a kind.

Strength & Durability

Built to Last. 

Our front entry doors are available in 4 different construction levels so you choose your level of durability. Series ranges from solid construction of white Polytex steel to High Performance with a 30% thicker Polytex steel.

Safety Options  

Optional closer and panic door (emergency exit) is also available on some models.

Low Maintenance 

Our Novatech steel doors resist daily wear and tear and require minimal maintenance.



The solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), which measures heat transmission is incredibly low at 0.01. The doors' RSI (their resistance to heat flow) is also one of the low ranging from 1.174 to 1.258.

Stop Drafts 

Optional air weatherstrip surrounds the entire panel of your door to keep drafts out and air in your home.

Our Steel Entry Door Collection

Each door in this collection can be customized with various window glass centre panes, sidelights and glass styles. Try each one on your home with Novatech's Design Centre.

The Prestige Collection

Orleans Steel Front Entry Door, Bright Red
Orleans Steel Door with Mistral Doorglass

Available Models

The Shaker Collection

Soho Steel entry Door Dark Grey

Available Models

The Design Collection

Vog Steel entry Door, White, 2 Sidelights
Vog Door with Azur Doorglass Sidelights

Available Models

The Classic Collection

4 Panel Entry Door, White
4 Panel Door with Verso Doorglass Sidelights

Available Models

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