Overflowing Gutters

Eavestrough-debrisMost of the time the main cause of overflowing gutters is a blockage.  There are multiple reasons your gutters become blocked, shingle granules, leaves, sticks, seeds, nests and more. Sometimes the blockage is in the pipe that is supposed to have the water drain out from. If no gutter cleaning has been done, the debris that gets stuck on the top of the gutters is eventually pushed down.

The solution to both these problems would be to have your gutters cleaned out twice a year, or have Alu-Rex gutter guards installed.  Alu-Rex’s T-Rex and Gutter Clean System come with a no-clog 40-year warranty and a leaf guard warranty that will guarantee their products remains in good condition and the rain gutters will not get clogged.

In addition to gutter blockages, moss and other roof debris can be forced into the rainwater pipe that connects the roof gutter with the ground, the blockage may also be located in the underground pipe.

overflowing-rain-guttersAnother reason you can experience overflowing gutters would be due to the gutters flowing in the wrong direction or not in a proper flow. If the slope the gutters run along is too flat than the water won't move towards the downspouts but if it is too steep the water can splash over the sides during a storm. You can lay a level across the top of your gutters and make sure they aren't tilting.

In small cases, the current gutters are not big enough to handle the speed or amount of runoff water that comes from the roof, especially if the roof has recently been installed with metal or steel over shingles, or if the roof has a steep pitch.

If you are not sure how to handle the overflow of your gutters, give us a call 519-268-6331 or book an appointment for a free estimate.