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Preventing Basement Leaks

Spring rain can be great for your yard but no so much for your basement if you don’t have proper eavestrough installed.

Wet BasementYou will want to make sure your eavestroughs are cleared of any debris and leaves. If it is clogged water will sit in your trough not able to flow out your gutters or if there is no proper direction water will sit around your foundation causing major leaks.

Downspout extensions are a great way to direct your water away from your home. If you plan on installing a gutter (downspout) extension you will want to fully ensure your trough is clear and the downspout is clear. Extensions will direct all water away from the home, we recommend at least 10 feet.

Rain BarrelSome people even great creative with the water run off! A popular option is to purchase or make a rain barrel. It will collect the rain so you can use it for watering your plants or garden. Some people even set it up so it is filtered to drink!

If you’re looking for Eavestrough alternatives check out our current options, or call 519-268-6331!