Checking for Proper Ventilation in your Attic

Let’s go through the list from the top of your home to the base of your home.

Check off each area of your home as you go.

Roof vent – Check to see if insulation has been obstructed or sucked up into the vent, and that there is no damage to the vent.
Soffit Vent – Check for any type of obstructions, such as dirt, leaves, twigs and insulation. You may need to clean our the vents periodically to keep the ventilation clear.
Wood – Check for damp, moldy or black spots. If you see any rotting or moldy wood make sure to get an inspector. 
Insulation – Check to see if the insulation looks deflated or wet, and make sure no mold is present.
Bathroom – Check the exhaust fan to make sure it is clean. You may need to purchase a bigger, higher-capacity fan if you experience mildew or a funky smell consistently.
Kitchen – Check your range hood. Most just filter but you may need an exterior-venting exhaust fan
Laundry Room – Check your exhaust fans. You may need to clean them out from time to time.
Basement – Check to see if there is mildew on the wall or structure. You may need to install extra vents if the air is not circulating properly.

To make sure you homes ventilation is in proper shape you may want to add a thermometer in your attic. Check the temperature periodically when the weather is hotter than usual. If the temperature becomes excessive than you most likely will have to install additional or more powerful, vents.

VentYou want to create an upward flow of air from the basement to the attic to outside. Cool air will flow through the vents in the eaves and out through the vents closer to, or at the peak of, the roof. Condensation from above and below your main floor can run all through your home ruining walls, floor, and even wiring.

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