Roof Repair: Can I do the Job Myself?

roof repairMost people like to do a small roof repair for a home in order to save money. However, some roof repairs may involve more physical labour than others. Roofing Contractors spend years learning the trade of roof repair and how to install the materials properly. They are also trained on keeping themselves safe which should be your 1st priority when doing any repair.

roof repairIf you are needing to replace a few shingles make sure the shingle is cool from the shade as it is easier to remove cold than hot. You can also have some cool water lightly sprayed or dabbed with a cool towel. To separate the shingles use a metal bar and pry, the sealant should pop loose. You’ll also want to remove the nails from the shingle you are replacing as well from the shingle above it.

When replacing the shingle you’ll want to follow the manufacture’s application instructions and will have to hand seal them as the current sealant may not re-seal after being broken.

If you are missing a hip or ridge cap shingle because it has blown off, it is important to have this repaired as soon as possible. With no or damaged hip or ridge cap it leaves your roof system open to water or even snow. You’ll want the new caps to match the current ones as well, especially in thickness. Always make sure you are utilizing all the proper safety equipment to prevent injury or even falls.

roof repairIf you are needing to have a vent replaced you will want to decide on the proper vent needed and how much ventilation is needed. You may have to check with your municipality or by-laws for any restrictions. You always want to make sure the vent is installed as per instructions. You will want to be extremely careful to not cut any attic rafters or wires and always make sure the vent is properly fastened to prevent weather infiltration or blow-off. Not following the specific requirements will lead to an inefficient roofing system or weather infiltration causing you extra money in the end. Replacing vents will require you to work on some of the highest parts of your roof, so you will want to make sure you are equipped with all the needed safety equipment.

roof repairIf you experience leaking you will have to find the source, which may not always be the obvious place. Water will always flow directly down with gravity. You’ll want to start at chimneys, skylights and plumbing vents. After you’ll want to inspect the roof-to-wall transition area where flashing is located, such as dormers, valleys, and eaves.

Most of the time your roof will just need adequate ventilation. The first sign that moisture is coming in and condensing in the attic is soaked insulation, black rings or rust around nails and algae stains on the plywood. You will want to place this repair at the top of your list as mold could grow to cause adverse health effects.

We will always recommend having a certified installer come out for repairs however if you decide to repair yourself please make sure you follow the safety guidelines.

If you are worried about your safety or possibly not feeling up to the task of your roof repair, give us a call and we will have your mind at ease by having the work done by a GAF Master Elite Contractor.