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Replacement Windows London Ontario

1st Choice Home Solutions offers a variety of products for replacement windows in London, Ontario. We carry casement windows, single and double hung windows, awning windows, bay and bow windows, and custom windows by VWD Ltd. And Wardco Windows.

Window in replacement in London, Ontario is one of the best renovations you can invest in to add value to your home. When looking at window replacement cost, be sure to take into account the cost of losing energy including heat and air conditioning through your old windows. Total savings may depend on the HVAC system, building structure and replacement methods, however if your windows are over 20 years old it is a good idea to replace them. Below is a chart of the expected lifetime of windows depending on what type of windows you have.

Aluminum15-20 years
Window Glazing10+ years
Vinyl Windows20-40 years
Wood30+ years


Depending on where you live and the climate, these numbers may vary. Wind, rain, and snow can impact the length of time your windows last before you need window replacement in London, Ontario. You should look at the warranty of your products for an accurate lifespan. This may also vary due to misuse and overuse.

How do you know when to replace your windows?

  • Your energy bills are increasing, and you notice drafts in the winter or hot air sneaking in during the summer.
  • You frequently have to replace hardware on your windows or they are becoming hard to open and close.
  • The wood around your windows in beginning to rot.
  • You’re just plain tired of painting windows! Vinyl windows are a great alternative, and don’t need to be painted.
  • You notice fog forming in your windows. This means that the glass is not performing optimally, or they were not installed properly.
  • Frost and Ice forming in windows. This may indicate condensation being caught in the windows and freezing.
  • Outside noise! If it sounds like you’re sleeping in your backyard, when you’re actually in the house, your windows may be letting in more than just sound.
  • Caulking and seal is starting to show light. Use a flashlight to see if light shines through the caulking.

If you’re not sure that your windows need to be replaced, come talk to us. We’ll give you a quote on replacing your old windows if we find that you do indeed need replacement windows. Our windows come with great warranties so you can rest assured you will be making the best investment in your home renovation.