Replacing Windows in Winter

Did you know you can still replace your Windows in the Winter in London? We install all windows in any weather except for blizzards and rain storms. There are many reasons to replace your Windows in the Winter. One would be savings. You will be able to experience the benefits of energy efficient windows immediately. No more cold feet and high hydro bills.

Bay Bow WindowAnother added benefit to installing your Windows in the Winter is being able to see signs of moisture from recent leaks and can quickly identify where the problem is coming from. It is harder to detect this int he summer and the summer would have dry conditions and can be very difficult to tell where the leak is coming from or if there are problems at all.

Waiting until the end of the year also has finical benefits. Most of the time Window discounts are higher in the winter time, and waiting would have allowed you to save up during the year.

If you living in London, Ontario or the surrounding area email or call us to book your free window quote. Make sure to sign up for our Newsletter as there are monthly discounts included that are not available to the public.