Why You Need A Roof Repair: 7 Signs of a Failing Roof

Check for Signs of a Failing Roof

  1. Leaks in the attic –These leaks happen when you do not have properly installed shingle underlayment or flashing.
  2. Stains on walls and ceilings and/or mold growth–The primary causes for these problems are inadequate ventilation and faulty shingle underlayment. Water seeps through the roof, causing trails of stain along your walls and ceilings. Your home can get moldy if there is excessive moisture.
  3. Peeling exterior and interior paint –This occurs when moisture is trapped inside your home. Poor attic ventilation can cause high humidity.
  4. Exterior decay, siding, or sheathing –These problems are also caused by improper attic ventilation.
  5. Missing, cracked, or curled shingles –These shingles look dry and may easily break when touched.
  6. Dark spots on roof –These spots indicate that shingles have lost their granules. Mold or algae growth is also possible.
  7. High energy consumption – Because of inadequate ventilation, hot air is trapped inside your attic and encourage moisture formation. This causes your air-conditioning to work much harder during warm days.

Schedule Roof Repair and Maintenance

Roof inspections in London, ON, are best done in spring or late summer because of the warm weather. To ensure proper installation, high-quality materials, and a long-lasting roof, these tasks are best left to roofing professionals.

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