Roofing Contractors in London

There are many reasons homeowners choose to update their roof. A roof can add protection to your home, as well as serve aesthetic purposes. The average life of a roof is 15 years if installed properly.

RoofingContractorAlthough many factors have to be considered such as weather, slope, and direction of your roof. If your roof is not installed properly, you’re looking at the possibility of costly repairs until the entire roof needs to be replaced.
We are a certified, licensed, and insured roofing contractors in London Ontario.

Be assured that you’re choosing the right materials and protection for your home, so there is minimal need for maintenance and repairs during the lifetime of your roof by seeing our recommended products. We’re so confident in our installation experts and materials that we offer unbeatable warranties on our products. If you would like to know more, click here.

Let’s face it, not many homeowners know how to repair their roof. An untrained eye may miss important damage that can lead to even further deterioration down the road. If you’re visiting our site, you probably are already in need of a new roof and have looked long and hard for roofing contractors in london ontario.

Many people know the lifespan of their roof and haven’t saved for it. Budget is one of the biggest issues when deciding on a contractor. When asking for a quote, your roofing contractor will give you a quote for the entire project. Many roofing contractors require that you choose the materials first. Our roof contractors will suggest the best materials suit your needs.

They may not be the least expensive but require the least maintenance. This saves you money in the long run because replacing a roof properly now can save money down the road replacing beams, getting rid of pests and mold, and other structural damage poor installation can cause.

We have a warranty on our work and our suppliers have a warranty as well. It’s important to choose the right warranty for your home and ensure that your coverage needs are met.  Once we give a quote, our team of roof contractors London Ontario can develop a schedule and payment options to come up with a plan for your new roof. We offer flexible financing and often discounts.

Searching for Roofing Contractors London Ontario doesn’t have to be hard, go with 1st Choice for all your roofing needs.