Metal Roofing in London Ontario

Many homeowners rarely think of the many important items that are kept protected and safe under their roof. A failing roof may bring a frantic race to juggle the needed repair with the desire to preserve possessions and protect family.

With metal roofing in London Ontario from 1st Choice Home Solutions, Inc., you will never have to go through the trouble of re-roofing your home again. We offer lifetime metal roofing for your convenience and your peace of mind. Now you and your family will have all of the protection you need from the brutal Canadian winters.


All Classic Metal Roofing materials are Energy Efficient, Light Weight, Weather Tight and Rot, Moss & Fungus proof. Classic Metal products are of the highest quality and will only use first quality raw materials and will not include lower quality raw materials purchased in the “secondary” or “distressed” market. You are being guaranteed with along term satisfaction.

Classic Metal Roofing provides the most comprehensive lifetime warranty available. The warranty guarantees your roof will not leak for any reason (be it materials or workmanship), nor will it chip, peel, flake, blister, burn, rust, split, or crack with age.

The paint systems carry a non-pro-rated 30-Year limited warranty ensuring your roof’s finish will resist fade and chalk. And if you sell your home the warranty transfers to all future owners, extending 40 years from the date of installation. If your roof does experience a warranted failure, they will cover the cost of materials and workmanship to repair or replace your roof.

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Metal Roof Discounts Available

  • Install Anytime Program
  • Showcase Home Program


Benefits of Metal Roofing

Even when the winter season has passed you and your Ontario area home still reap the benefits of metal roofing in London Ontario. Additional benefits of this particular type of roof include:

  • Fade and chalk resistance
  • Dent resistant aluminum that meets UL impact resistance standards
  • Lower your attic heat gain by roughly 30 percent
  • Reported 20 percent energy savings
  • A variety of colors and textures for you to choose from

The Specifics

Your best choice for Metal Roofing in London Ontario is 1st Choice Home Solutions. A Metal Roof is able to hold its integrity since it does not expand or contract with the fluctuating temperatures. The way that metal roofing keeps your attic at a tolerable temperature is through the reflective qualities. If you’re attempting to go green with your home, you will be pleased to know that metal roofing is crafted from recycled material. Not only that, but it will be recycled again if you decide to replace your roof.

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