Who is your 1st choice for Roofing Contractors London Ontario and the Surrounding Area?

When searching for roofing contractors London Ontario, you come up with many businesses. How do you know which one to pick? We suggest using The Better Business Bureau.

It is an organization composed of various businesses and enterprises within the United States and Canada. Membership and accreditation can mean a lot of things, and that’s what 1st Choice Home Solutions shares with you today.

We pride ourselves as a BBB-accredited as Roof Contractors In London Ontario and the surrounding area. Hear what our customers are saying Here.


Being a BBB roof contractor for all your roofing concerns is something we pride our self on. Some people may regard membership with the Better Business Bureau as unnecessary.

1st Choice Home Solutions say that the BBB offers valuable assistance and input to both businesses and consumers. Hiring and trusting a BBB-accredited business can still be loads better than hiring a business that isn’t.

As a homeowner, you’d most likely ask, “What benefits do I get when the professional I trust with my roofing, siding, and windows is a BBB-accredited business?”

Trust and Security
Hiring a company accredited by the Better Business Bureau can provide you with a sense of safety, security, and trust, as it speaks credibility.

The BBB has a reputation of accrediting only the most professional and reputable businesses—which means we are not one of those shady, fly-by-night contractors.

Trusting us with your home, like jobs such as roof inspections in London ON, is the right decision. Furthermore, according to a study made by Princeton University, around 70% of consumers are more inclined to buy from and hire a BBB-accredited business.

Cost Savings
Being a member of the BBB helps us stay in contact with various members of the construction industry, from the manufacturers to retailers and installers. W

e can get a specific window or roofing shingle set at a lower price (through the Advantage Plus program, for example) through membership with the BBB. This means you get products at a lower price without sacrificing quality.

Being a BBB-accredited business also provides us with information ranging from scam alerts to the latest consumer news that can help you know more about protecting your rights as a client.

Roof Contractors London Ontario If you have any questions regarding our BBB accreditation, or if you want to get a quote on your home improvement project, simply call us today or fill out our form to be contacted via email here.