Roof Inspection: Why it is Important

Roof Inspection is something all homeowners need. A roof can be inspected from the ground using binoculars or special equipment, however viewing obstructions can occur. Home inspectors will not go up on a ladder unless it is completely safe to do so. There are laws in place to keep you as a customer, and the home inspector safe.

Roof InspectionThe home inspector only does a visual inspection and aren’t to take any samples of the shingles or lift them to look underneath. It will always be a judgment call to the inspector. Unfortunately, due it being a visual inspection only, some circumstances will arise that could not have been detected earlier, such as mold or asbestos.

A roof can also be inspected from inside the attic. What the home inspector will do is inspect any vents, including soffit vents to make sure there is no blockage, and proper air flow is present.

The insulation will be checked for damage and make sure it is thick enough to stop the hot air that has risen. Mold will always be looked for as it is a common problem in attics. The wood or trusses will be checked for any cracks or bowing.

With both of these methods used you, the homeowner, can stay ahead and look for warning signs early. You can also hire a professional to do the inspection and see if there are any small repairs needed or if a new roof is needed to be done and how much longer your current roof will last.

The professionals cannot give a definite answer as it is a visual only inspection but they can give you enough information for you to make an informed decision. At 1st Choice Home Solutions, we provide a Free Roof Inspection and will give you our honest opinion on your roof. Book now for your No-Obligation shingle roof appointment.